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[Obi-Wan]Hello there,[/Obi-Wan] I am 04nbod, you may know me from Gallifrey Base, Twitter, ONTD or Superhero Hype. I have many, many interests and this journal is filled with fandom. I have a few personal posts here and there but I'm not here to personally share. I do icons, wallpapers or other random graphics. I appreciate friends but I am slow to friend back. Do not take this personally, it is not you its me. When I'm not busy in life I am busy in fandom so the little things slip.

To see my past icons and wallpapers please go to this photobucket account.

I am a member of these Doctor Who communities, filled with lovely people. Click on the  relevant picture to go and look around them

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There are other places to friend me too. I am on facebook , Twitter and Last FM.