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04Nbod: The Return

Almost a year to the day since my last icon post! The first 6 months of 2010 focused on getting my degree from university. Which I did. A 2:1, hurrah! Since then I've been getting back into graphics with 10 icons here, 10 icons there but they never seem enough to be posted. They mount up and here is the uber-post. My photobucket has been continually updated though.

Natalie Portman and her Soulmate BFF Jakey G 1-16
Star Wars: Clone Wars- Anakin/Padme 17-36
Princess Leia Amidala Skywalker Organa Solo etc...37- 41
Billie Piper on the set of Secret Diary of a Call Girl 2010 42-82
Smallville: Supergirl promotional images 83- 110
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Clone Wars P/A

New Hi-Res 10/Rose Pictures

Ryan E has been at it again, this time some new Season 2 promos. Well, when I say new I mean I haven't seen one of them and the rest have all been medium quality.

The New one

The Improved Ones

He's currently uploading Hi-Res of Series one and two on his site. (Series One is done, he's up to School Reunion) Most of them we've seen but perhaps only in scans? He's got some great behind the scenes ones too.(but not from the pap catured ecclestennant Unquiet dead hug or Boomtown's tardis groping )

I hadn't seen this 9/rose one
or maybe I have and got it confused with this one
or this one

That site is
darcy- *swoon*

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I have a Mnday deadline of which I am 1/4 of the way through so naturally I've been photoshopping. Remember I did those image reconstructions where I took characters out and tried to made the images textless? I've been doing the same with DWM recently and we know there images are covered in text. Most of the images are a lost cause but I wanted something usable at least. here's a little taster of what I've been doing. I'll post the rest on Tuesday or next Wednesday.

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Clone Wars P/A

Holy Shit!

People like this exist!

As far as feminist lies go? Where to start? Pretty much everything they say is a lie. The fact of the matter is that women have so little grey matter (6.5x less than men inside a skull 15% smaller) that they have no ability to discern lies and fantasy from ‘fact’. The reason you don’t see ‘evidence’ is because, quite literally, they don’t need it to be convinced. The sooner you men get over the idea that women can be persuaded by facts and evidence the better off you will be. The only thing required to brainwash a woman to believe something is repetition and the PTB know this.

Quite simply, I believe the best ‘rebuttal’ for a woman is “you have the intellectual capacity of a child and I am going to treat you the same way I would treat a boy 7-10″. You only have to look at anything on to come to understand women ARE children intellectually. They are not ‘like’ children. They ARE children. And as J has taken so much time to demonstrate here? Feminist lies are basically a bunch of crap and men are best advised not to even bother to read them. But, those men who think women have similar intellectual capacity? Please re-read the total bullshit from feminists that J has linked, please read, and ask yourself if you have EVER seen men talk such crap in your life. I haven’t.

Now. Men don’t bother ‘rebutting’ an ‘argument’ from a 7 year old boy. We simple tell him he is wrong and then teach him what is correct. Since he is a boy and wants to learn he will listen 9 times out of 10. Women do NOT want to learn. They want to manipulate YOU for THEIR benefit. They will tell you ANY amount of lies to do this. “Not all women are like that” being one of the top lies. Sorry sweetie, you ARE all like that.

The best way to deal with the ‘wimmin problem’ is to ignore them and simply speak to the men present. This is why I repeat many times over women have the intellectual capacity of 7-10 year old boys and propose to men to read what women write to see this. Sure, some 10 year old boys, should they grow up to be 40 in that state, can seem quite intelligent. That’s the only reason some women ’seem’ intelligent. The bell curve linked for IQ is a fraud since the PTB altered IQ tests to remove the male advantage and make women seem more close in intelligence to men.

Real intelligence is about being inventive and creative in a situation you have never seen before. And in the entire history of the world we are yet to see the first ‘masterpiece’ of ANYTHING created by a woman. They simply can’t do it. All it takes to write a great musical piece, a novel, a poem, is a pen and paper. Women have not been denied pen and paper. Yet not one of them has ever used these basic tools to create a ‘Principia’ or a ‘War and Peace’ or a ‘Beethovens 5th’. There has never been a female Mozart.

The sooner men completely dis-engage from discussions with western women, dismissing them out of hand when they are impertinent enough to speak prior to being spoken to, the faster the mens movement will come to understand that everything men need to free themselves is already to hand. There is NOTHING required to ‘change’. There is no ‘war’ to win. All there is to do is to USE the keys to the femnazi jail cell you are in that I have already handed you. If you are not willing to free yourself why would anyone else free you for you?

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